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Hong Kong Mortgage Rate

BankPrimeRateMortgageRateAnnualInteresting RateCash RebatePrepaymentPenalty Period (Yr)Bank of China (Hong Kong)5.875%H+1.3% or P-1.75%4.13%1.75 - 2.15%2HSBC5.875%H+1.3% or P-2.25%4.13%1.2-2%2Hang Seng Bank5.875%H+1.3% or P-2.25%4.13%1.7-1.8%2DBS Bank (Hong Kong)6.000%H+1.3% or P-1.75%3.63%1.30%3Standard Chartered Bank6.125%H+1.3% or P-2%4.13%1 -1.5%2ICBC (Asia)6.125%H+1.3% or P-2%4.13%1.8 - 2.4%2The Bank...

Sweet Home Agency Hong Kong Property Stamp Duty 香港物業印花稅 Sai Kung Property Clearwater Bay Property 西貢物業 清水灣物業

Hong Kong Property Stamp Duty

Hong Kong property stamp duty refers to the taxes that are payable by anyone bought a property in Hong Kong.  There are different types of stamp duty that may apply to property transactions in Hong Kong. These include: 1. Ad Valorem Stamp Duty: This is a tax on the purchase price of the property. The ad valorem stamp duty rates vary depending on the value of the property and the buyer's status. For...

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Government Departments Government Departments & Organisations 政府及公營機構 CLP Power Hong Kong Limited - Open an account for Move In CLP Power Hong Kong Limited - Apply for Move Out and Account Closure Water Supplies Department - Taking up of Water Account Water Supplies Department - Closing of Water Account and Refund of Water Deposit Hong Kong Electric - Move In and Move Out online...

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