Hong Kong Mortgage Rate

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Interesting Rate
Cash RebatePrepayment
Penalty Period (Yr)
Bank of China (Hong Kong)5.875%H+1.3% or P-1.75%4.13%1.75 – 2.15%2
HSBC5.875%H+1.3% or P-2.25%4.13%1.2-2%2
Hang Seng Bank5.875%H+1.3% or P-2.25%4.13%1.7-1.8%2
DBS Bank (Hong Kong)6.000%H+1.3% or P-1.75%3.63%1.30%3
Standard Chartered Bank6.125%H+1.3% or P-2%4.13%1 -1.5%2
ICBC (Asia)6.125%H+1.3% or P-2%4.13%1.8 – 2.4%2
The Bank of East Asia6.125%H+1.3% or P-2%4.13%2%2
Citibank (Hong Kong)6.125%H+1.3% or P-2%4.13%0.5 – 2.5%2
Bank Of Communication6.125%H+1.3% or P-2%4.13%0.6 – 1.7%2 – 3
Chong Hing Bank6.125%H+1.3% or P-2%4.13%1 – 1.2%2
Dah Sing Bank6.125%H+1.5% or P-2%4.13%0.60%2
Nanyang Commercial Bank6.125%H+1.4% or P-1.75%4.38%0.5 – 1%2
Chiyu Banking Corp Ltd6.125%H+1.4% or P-1.85%4.25%0.5 – 2.3%2-3
CMB Wing Lung Bank6.125%H+1.3% or P-2%4.13%2.10%2
China Citic Bank International6.125%H+1.3%, P-1.25%4.88%1%2
Public Bank (Hong Kong)6.125%P-1.75%4.38%2
China Construction Bank (Asia)6.125%H+1.3% or P-1%5.13%1%2
Fubon (HK) Bank6.250%P Rate6.25%$4000-$80002
OCBC Bank6.375%H+1.4%, P-2.25%4.13%1%3

Latest Update:31 Oct 2023

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