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Hong Kong Mortgage Rate

BankPrimeRateMortgageRateAnnualInteresting RateCash RebatePrepaymentPenalty Period (Yr)Bank of China (Hong Kong)5.875%H+1.3% or P-1.75%4.13%1.75 - 2.15%2HSBC5.875%H+1.3% or P-2.25%4.13%1.2-2%2Hang Seng Bank5.875%H+1.3% or P-2.25%4.13%1.7-1.8%2DBS Bank (Hong Kong)6.000%H+1.3% or P-1.75%3.63%1.30%3Standard Chartered Bank6.125%H+1.3% or P-2%4.13%1 -1.5%2ICBC (Asia)6.125%H+1.3% or P-2%4.13%1.8 - 2.4%2The Bank...

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